Covid 19 Statement

About the Covid-19 | Statement


We totally understand that you may be concerned about traveling or even plan for it at this time. You may be asking yourself how this situation could impact upcoming tours and workshops. So, here is what we have to say: 

We are continually monitoring the COVID-19 situation, and we want you to know that health and safety will always be the first priority. We will always comply with CDC and WHO advisories and recommendations, and we will never put ourselves or participants at risk. Changes to these situations and warnings are happening every day, and we will continue to observe them. 

However, for most of us, travel plans are scheduled in advance, and the same goes for booking and reservations. Each trip has different logistics and timelines, with that we know that to offer wonderful experiences once this is all over, we need to start planning now.  

If you were wondering, that was the reason why we decided to go ahead and start pressing towards 2021. We genuinely think that in a few months, this situation will be over, but if we don’t plan now, it could be too late for travel plans next year. 

At heart, we are passionate about photography and travel, and we want to be back on the road as soon as possible. We are pretty sure that if you are reading this, you’re the same. So our goal for 2021 is cancel nothing unless it is not feasible, and be back out there enjoying travel and landscape photography.

If you invest to travel with us

Since the photo tours we are planning are going to start happening well into the second quarter of 2021, we strongly believe that this situation won’t affect them.

However, in the case that if for any reason, faith deals us a different hand, we want you to know that we will work with you and refund 100% of the deposits we have received. We will do so for any tour and any participants where their origin or destination of travel is under any travel restrictions. 

If we need to cancel or make changes, we will email all tour participants directly if there are any changes to our itineraries as soon as possible.


We are taking this situation seriously, but at the same time, we want to plan ahead and stay positive. We will always prioritize safe, use common sense, and respect everyone’s decisions. 

So you can reserve a tour with confidence, and if when the times comes, the world is not there yet, we will refund 100% of your deposit. 


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