Photo tour to Easter Island, Rapa Nui, Land of the Giants. Join us on a fantastic photographic adventure to one of the most isolated places on Earth.

Trip Type

Photo Tour


Landscapes, People, Cultural

Starts in

Hanga Roa (IPC)

Day One

May 5, 2021

Group Size

4-10 Participants




Few places on the planet possess more enigmatic attractions than this tiny isolated land. 

photo tour to Easter Island, the Land of the Giants, is the perfect combination of natural and man-made artifacts for making compelling, unique photos in an eco-friendly environment. 

The island is one of the most isolated lands in the world, lying in the far eastern Pacific Ocean, 2,200 miles off the coast of Chile. This is a place with an extraordinary cultural heritage where everything remains historically constant and unique.

Easter Island was populated by Polynesian voyagers about AD 800 and AD 1200. The Rapa Nui, as the new arrivals are known today, would change its landscape forever and create the island’s unique features in less than one thousand years. 

For unexplained reasons, during this time the Rapa Nui carved giant statues out of the volcanic rock and located them throughout the island. These megalithic statues called Moai can only be seen on Easter Island, and are some of the most ancient artifacts ever found to date.  

Easter Island is unique. Imagine going on a tour to photograph a vast wealth of natural riches, calderas, lava tubes and caves formed by volcanic eruptions, rugged coastline of cliffs, hidden bays, and the incredible Moais.



This photo tour is being designed to take you on the most spectacular photography spots in Easter Island with enough time to capture outstanding images from this exotic paradise.

We will visit the various sites where the Moai are located, along with caves and ceremonial sites, photograph the locals, their traditions, and daily life. Plus, because of the remoteness, little to no light pollution exists, creating the perfect conditions to photograph the dark skies.

We are currently finalizing details for our photo tour to Easter Island in 2021. It will be an eight-day journey to explore and photograph every corner of it.

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When: Early May 2021.

Who: Open to all skill levels, non-photographer spouses are welcome. 

Group Size: Minimum 4 People, Maximum 10 People.

Where: This photo tour starts and ends in Hanga Roa (IPC)

Fitness Level: Relaxed. Access to most of the shooting locations in Easter Island is easy. The walks are relatively short, and there is no much hiking involved. 


The tour is open to all levels of photographic skills, from beginner to experienced. However, there will be no formal workshops or critiques. We will share knowledge and skills along the way, in the spirit of real adventurers.

Itinerary Detail Coming Soon

The price of the tour includes: 

Daniel Korzeniewski

Daniel Korzeniewski

Tour Leader

Photography is more than a passion for Daniel; it’s a golden opportunity to document the world and share unique cultures with people across the globe. Embarking upon his creative path at the age of 17, he has since shot assignments, commercial work, and lifestyle campaigns. However, his primary focus is on travel and landscape photography. During the last few years, Daniel led photo tours in Morocco, India, Peru, Cuba, and Vietnam. Daniel is fluent in both, Spanish and English.

George Plucienkowski

George Plucienkowski

Tour Leader

George is an adventure/travel photographer based in Miami; however, most often, he is traveling somewhere in the world. His passion started in his youth; the love for photography has never stopped growing for the 40 plus years. His unique approach for developing itineraries, for arranging high-quality excursions, and guiding people to unique locations yields the capture of great images. He brings all of his experience and knowledge to share it personally with each participant.

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Pricing Information Coming Soon


Single Supplement: .

Small-Group Fee: 

Deposit: $595 US Dollar, secures your spot.

Balance: Due 90 days before departure. Full terms and conditions in FAQ. 

What you will photograph in Easter Island

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