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Our Photo Tours and Workshops

Thanks for checking us out, in the following sections you will find some of the most common questions we receive from participants to our photography tours and workshops. For any additional information, please feel free to Contact us.


The basics

At heart, we are a group of like-minded, enthusiastic pro photographers with an ingrained desire for wanderlust and passionate cultural lore. Photo Tours and Expeditions was born from the desire to share our love for the craft with our peers. We plan every photo expedition well in advance and are extremely meticulous in creating the tour, resulting in the most incredible photo adventure with loads of learning opportunities and, at the same time, a delightful holiday time.

We don’t cut corners. We always go the extra mile to make sure your time with us is memorable in every adventure; nothing is overlooked or missed. When we offer a destination, it means we already scouted and experienced the area, selected the accommodations and local providers in previous research trips. This is our way to make certain unexpected situations are down to a minimum and to provide you with the best photo travel experience.

By joining our groups, you will not only gain photographic experience, but also you will learn about the people, the culture, and traditions of every place we visit. We accomplish this by hiring and working with the most knowledgeable local support in each location. 

Most of our participants are guests that have joined us on previous journeys. Join us, and you’ll return home with a fantastic experience, a great photo portfolio and new friendships that will last a lifetime too.

Because we want to set the right expectations, we have separated our photo trips in two separate categories.

A photo tour is more geared towards maximizing the photographic opportunities, and the workshop tends to offer more learning possibilities. 

Photo tours are designed to give you the most chances to travel, document a region, learn about the culture and its inhabitants. That said, you’ll always have help and learn from your tour leader in every situation, but there are no formal lessons. Your tour leader will always assist you with camera settings, compositions, how to approach a scene, and so on. You’ll also get chances for one on one discussions and help during downtime, during bus rides, scheduled rests, etc.

Photo Workshops, instead, provide both shooting time and formal lessons. In most cases, these trips involve less traveling, and we stay more put in one location. In this format, we usually schedule photo sessions in the morning and afternoon, during the day you’ll attend more formal training classes where you will learn, about camera settings, workflow, editing, use of filters, flashes, etc.

The tours are open to all skill levels, amateurs and seasoned pros are cherished to participate. Non-photographers, spouses, and friends are welcome to join, as well. Just keep in mind that you need to be over 18 years old to participate. If you have questions regarding this, just ask us, and we’ll help you to decide. 

We run photo tours and workshops with a minimum of 4 participants and a maximum of 12. When the group is more than 10, in most cases, we have two tour leaders, plus the local guide. Our average ratio of participant to tour leader is 6 guests to 1 tour leader; supplemented by local resources. This allows us to give you, maximum attention.

Payments and registration

You can book a tour and workshop as soon as it becomes available on our website. Most of our trips sell out well in advance, so we strongly recommend you to do it as soon as you decide the tour is a good fit for you.

We accept all major cards, such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. We also accept wire transfers; however, the initial deposit must be paid by credit or debit card. 

Congratulations, you’re about to experience one of the most memorable experiences of your life. 

After the reservation and initial deposits are taken, you will receive an immediate email confirmation. 

Then you’ll hear from us when:

  • Once the minimum number of participants is reached and the tour its a go.
  • An email with a final invoice around 90 days before the trip. At that time, you’ll be given the option to pay the balance via credit card or wire transfer. We will provide the wire transfer information at that time.
  • An email with a welcome package, detailed confirmation of final accommodation bookings, and instructions on how to proceed and where to meet once you arrive. 

In the rare event that we don’t reach the minimum quota to run the photo tour, we will reimburse 100% or your deposit. 

The initial deposit to secure your spot is due at the time of registration; the balance will be due 90 days before the trip commences. If you need special arrangements or pay over time, please feel to reach us, and we will try to work with you.

What’s your cancelation policy and terms?

If for any reason, we must cancel the trip, 100% of paid deposits will be fully refunded. 

If a guest needs to cancel, we must receive written notification, email is accepted. 

The following cancelation fees apply:

  • 120 days or more before departure: no charge.
  • 91 days to 119 days before departure: 50% of the deposit.
  • 61 days to 90 days before departure: 50% of the tour fee.
  • 60 days or less before departure: 100% of the tour fee.

If you have to cancel, we will do our best to fill your spot. If we do so, we will refund 100% of the tour fee less an administrative fee of $ 150.- 

Refunds will be not be made for any other costs you may have incurred as a result of your booking. 

Travel and medical insurance that includes emergency evacuation coverage are mandatory. We recommend that you purchase this as soon as the trip is confirmed to protect your investment. 

Click here to read our complete Terms and Conditions. 

Traveling and insurance

Since all the participants start their journeys from all over the world, it is not practical to include air travel. Flights to and from our destinations from your origin of travel are not included.

We recommend booking your flights 8 to 12 weeks before your intended travel date. 

However, you can book as early as you feel comfortable as long as you have received final confirmation from us that the tour has reached the minimum number of guests and will proceed

For traveling overseas, you’ll definitely need a passport. Regarding the visas, it depends. Not all countries have the same rules and regulations. 

Once you receive your welcome package, you’ll find detailed information in this regard. 

The same applies to vaccinations; nevertheless, we recommend you consult with a travel clinic or your doctor before departure. 

Our activities usually begin early afternoon on the first day, so we recommend that your flight arrive at least during the morning that day. 

Arriving one day early also helps you to adapt better to time zone changes, travel fatigue and protects you against unforeseeable flight delays or missed connections.

Yes, airport transfer in and out are included as follows; on arrival, your transfer is covered during the first and prior day of tour commencement. On departure, the airport transfer is included only during the last day. 

Prior day transfer will only be included as long as you’re booked on the same hotel where the tour is scheduled to begin

Yes, unless otherwise indicated, all domestic transportation within the tour is included. 

Depending on the photo tour destination and group size, we may travel with a combination of mini-bans, buses, domestic flights, ferries, trains, etc. 

For ground transportation, we always pick oversized vehicles so you can travel in comfort and carry your gear with you. 

Transportation during allotted free time for breaks is not included. 

A travel medical insurance policy with evacuation is mandatory for all our trips. 

This type of insurance typically covers you for medical treatment, hospitalization, doctor’s visits in countries where your home base medical insurance will not. 

Evacuation will cover you for transfers from remote areas to the near hospitalization center in case of an emergency or even to your home medical center if needed. 

Trip insurance that covers you when you have to cancel the trip due to an illness, work-related issues, or other events is not required by us. This is your choice, but we strongly recommend you to consider it to protect your investment. In this manner, if something happens, this insurance can include reimbursement of payments made to airlines, Photo Tours and Expeditions, and other travel-related expenses.

What can I expect?

For all photo tours, we require that you can enter and exit vehicles without assistance, carry your camera gear and luggage. All participants must have decent mobility and physical fitness, and you’re responsible for being honest about it. As each trip is different, to better help you asses what you can expect, we have created a rating divided into three categories. 

Relaxed: Most photo opportunities are within one mile or so from where we leave the vehicle. You may need to be able to stand and walk for long periods of time. There is a chance that you can encounter steep terrain (e.g., cobblestones, city hills, stairs without handrails, an absence of elevators, and climbing aboard trains or coaches with big steps); and some longer walks to get to city centers where vehicles are prohibited.

Moderate: Most photo opportunities are within up to 2 miles or so from where we leave the vehicle. For the most part, trips will feature long days, with a full and active itinerary at an active pace and longer distances. You need to able to walk over more challenging terrain (e.g., cobblestones, city hills, stairs without handrails, limited or no access to elevators, muddy/slippery walking/hiking trails). Some days may require early morning departures and later evening returns. 

Moderate/Active: These photo tours are programs with a very active pace, with long travel days and where hiking and trekking are involved. Walking/Hiking days can be on steep terrain (up to 14 miles on uneven ground with some elevation gain). Some days you could be in remote and rugged regions, and accommodations may include park lodges and tents. Besides your camera gear, you’ll also need to be able to carry a daypack with your daily necessities. 

Strenuous: Expect multiple hikes, longer distances, and the high altitudes, over 6,000 feet. You must be in excellent physical condition to participate in any tour rated as strenuous.

This is just a general example, but keep in mind that sometimes this guide can be subjective as we are not all equal. Also, if we classify a tour as “relaxed,” it doesn’t mean that there could be a day or two that are a little bit more challenging than the average. In turn, if we classify a tour as Moderate/Active or Strenuous, it doesn/t mean that you’ll be having that kind of activity every day. We plan all the tour schedules with enough rest time.

If you are not sure about a specific trip or have doubts, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Your welcome package will contain all the information on how to proceed once you reach the destination. 

On the first day, we usually host a meet and greet session where you’ll get to know the other participants and your tour leaders. Depending on the tour schedule, we may have our first shooting session as well during this day.

Meal plans are different for every photo tour, but we can promise that you won’t go hungry. 

In most cases, we provide three meals per day, and these are marked as inclusions on the daily itinerary. 

The following nomenclature indicates what meals are included for each day.

  • (B) Breakfast
  • (L) Lunch
  • (LB) Lunch box (on occasions where we go to remote areas, we will take lunch on the go. 
  • (D) Dinner
  • () If there is no indication, it means that a particular meal for that day is not included and will be on your own. 

As part of our cultural enrichment, we prefer to avoid tourist places and go local. We try to go “as the locals do” for a better experience but always keeping into account the safety and hygiene of the establishments we eat in.

Alcoholic drinks are never included and is always your option to order it separate.

Meal plans are different for every photo tour, but we can promise that you won’t go hungry. 

In most cases, we provide three meals per day, and these are marked as inclusions on the daily itinerary. 

The following nomenclature indicates what meals are included for each day.

  • (B) Breakfast
  • (L) Lunch
  • (LB) Lunch box (on occasions where we go to remote areas, we will take lunch on the go. 
  • (D) Dinner
  • () If there is no indication, it means that a particular meal for that day is not included and will be on your own. 

As part of our cultural enrichment, we prefer to avoid tourist places and go local. We try to go “as the locals do” for a better experience but always keeping into account the safety and hygiene of the establishments we eat in.

Alcoholic drinks are never included and is always your option to order it separate.

Yes, you can. Once you register for the photo tour, you’ll complete a questionnaire where you’ll inform us about any dietary restrictions. 

Our team will prepare and make aware the local providers well in advance of your special diet or needs. If you’re not sure, please contact us, we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Unique properties, boutique hotels that can offer a historical or cultural feature. Most properties are 4 to 5 stars where available. 

But as we always strive for the best, some locations are more remote, and we need to settle for convenience instead of comfort. 

Included hotels for each itinerary are listed on the tour page, however, keep in mind that there could be occasions where it won’t be possible to obtain final confirmation. In such a case, we will replace it with a hotel of a similar category. 

On or around forty-five days before the trip, you’ll receive a list of final confirmed accommodations. 

Mostly yes, but be prepared to stay away on remote locations. Most of our selected hotels nowadays include internet connections. 

In addition, in most situations, the tour leader will carry a portable wi-fi device that will allow you to connect to read emails and check WhatsApp messages while on the road.

Tour prices are set for double occupancy. It means that unless you are traveling with a friend or spouse, you’ll need to pay a single supplement. 

If you choose not to book single supplement at the time of booking and you’re traveling alone, we will try to do our best to pair you with another participant that also seeks to share. 

Roommate pairings are not guaranteed, and we will always pair you with someone of the same gender. In the case that we can’t match you with another guest, the single supplement fee will apply. 

Learning experience and gear

A typical day on tour means you’ll be presented with photo possibilities for around 6 to 9 hours every day. Travel days, when we move locations, can result in less photo time.

Not all days or places are alike, and it can even vary within the same tour.

We will always try to photograph during the best light and where we can find the best photography. That means that sometimes a little sacrifice needs to be made, and we will start the day before dawn and end it once the sun is gone. When we are out early, we will take our break at mid-day, where the light is harsh, and we’ll be back on the road in the afternoon.

We plan our tours around photography, and we mean it. On occasions, the better light in the afternoon or evening is happening at “dinner time”, on such events, we will always prioritize the shooting experience. It just means that depending on the location and time of the year; we may need to schedule an early or late dinner.

You can expect 4 to 5 shooting locations or activities per day, so days are long. As stated before, we do so to provide the most chances to hone your craft. Yet you’re not obligated to participate in all the activities if one day you decide to sleep in instead of going for sunrise, that’s fine with us, and we’ll catch up with you later.

Of course, photography is in our DNA, and we’d be doing you a disservice if we don’t. 

We lead by illustration, so there is no better way for you to grasp more than by following your leader. 

The tour leader will also look for opportunities, walking ahead, entering in places to make sure it is safe, and to asses the worthiness to share with the group. 

The tour leader will walk and talk and explain things on a group and individual basis. 

But overall, the main reason for the leader to be there is you, so don’t be afraid to seek advice and ask questions. If you don’t ask the tour leader will never know you needed help in the first place. 

Of course, in fact, there is no better choice for you than to take a vacation/photo adventure with a group of professionals and people that share the same passion.

It is almost guaranteed that you will return home with new skills. You’ll be shooting all the time and traveling with like-minded peers. 

In most locations, you’ll be able to photograph, landscape, street, people, markets, food, and cultural events. The more you shoot, the more you learn. 

Besides this, your tour leader will always be available to help you, not only on the field but also during down time. On a rotation basis, your tour leader will be available to help you with camera settings, image review, and post-processing questions. 

It is always up to you to take advantage of your free time to sit with the tour leader and seek advice. 

In the case of workshops, the structure is different, and there will be more formal instruction sessions at pre-scheduled times.

Ah, “bad weather makes great photos…” is one of Daniel’s favorite phrases. 

It doesn’t mean that we will get you out in the middle of a thunderstorm, but think of rolling clouds, wet reflective surfaces, etc., you get the point. 

We always plan to travel to locations during the best seasons to avoid bad weather, but there is no way we can control it. 

If bad luck strikes, we will change plans, perhaps shoot architectural features indoors, or similar. 

Not really, this is entirely up to you. While most people come to our tours with some type of digital DSLR, often, other participants prefer to go light and photograph with point and shoot cameras or even smartphones. 

Obviously, you’ll get the most chances with better gear, but anything that you feel comfortable with is ok with us. 

If you have questions regarding your equipment, what lenses to bring, and so on, just contact us, we will help you in the right direction.

Tripods are not mandatory but strongly suggested. 

While you’re not going to be carrying and using it in every situation, you’ll definitely miss chances in low light conditions, especially during sunrise and sunset shoots. 

On some locations like Patagonia, and other tours that are geared towards landscape trips, bringing a tripod is not mandatory but an absolute must.

Is entirely up to you. If you plan to do some work on the road, back-up, or process your images, you can bring your laptop or tablet.

For workshops where formal instruction is scheduled, bringing your computer is almost a necessity. 

I still have some questions; what can I do?

Yes, we get it; we tried to cover the most frequent topics but feel free to contact us via email, phone, or WhatsApp, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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