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Photo tours and workshops for Amateurs and Pros

Come learn, get inspired, create

Photo Tours and Expeditions take you to astounding locations around the world to spur your creativity with incredible photo adventures.

Our team of professional photographers, along with expert local guides, teaches you the art of hands-on photography as we adventure into well planned, off-the-beaten-path locations. Always with respect for the locals and commitment to leaving no mark on the spectacular landscapes we explore.

Our five star photo tours and workshops expeditions will leave you with frame-worthy images, and a lifetime of memories, from awe-inspiring lands.

Come join us, get inspired, and create!

Latest Photo Tours

Sept 24th – Oct 7th, 2024
A truly fantastic opportunity to photograph and document intricate Medinas, labyrinthine souks, hidden treasures, and the diverse culture of the Royal Kingdom of Morocco and its people.
Dec 4-15, 2023
Antarctica is one of the most remote yet fascinating places to visit in the world. Join us on an adventure like never before in this incredible photo tour to Antarctica aboard the Greg Mortimer.
January 2024
Cuba photography tour, a country with an exciting history and vibrant culture, a nation like no other; join us on this incredible photo trip to document the fantastic people, traditions, and best-hidden spots of the “Pearl of the Antilles.”

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